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Saturday, February 01, 2003
WHO WANTS A RIGHT-WING PHILIP ADAMS when there are real, non-Communard journalists like octogenarian Alistair Cook to give us something better to hope for.

As Dan O says: I know it's a minor detail but I have listened to Alistair Cook since I was a kid in England and his continued brilliance of reportage fifty-odd years later continues to make my soul soar. ABC's web site admits he is one of "their" most popular journalists.

Indeed he is, and if the ABC had a management they would take some notice.

Cook produces good journalism because, apart from his evident knowledge, intelligence and professionalism, he writes it.

Auntie's serial commentators, on the other hand, are parasites on the talents they interview and the minders who feed them lines.

Love to compare what the ABC pays Cook each week with the costs of the Gastropod and his minders and their overheads and pensions.

Auntie would be well advised to syndicate more quality comment if she's not prepared to make it. Our newspapers do it all the time, to everyone's benefit.