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Friday, February 14, 2003
WHEN THE GOING GETS PASSIONATE all Auntie's bad habits return.

Like unusually blatant manipulation of the talent supply, as Geoff M observes. I missed it, to the great benefit of my blood-pressure.

Old Max-weird McCutcheon has dragged Robert Springborg out of limbo-land, dusted him off, and, hey-presto, an expert on Iraq!

Now many of us, but not everyone, will recall that during the Gulf War, this guy was invited onto ABC to comment, adversely re US and Australia, such that RJHawke became quite irate. It transpired that Springborg was a senior guy, or perhaps the boss, of the Australia-Iraq Friendship Society. (He was at Macquarie Pretend University at the time)

No mention of this was made on ATB..... It may be that he has quit this post now he is in UK, but I think it still would have been appropriate to mention it.

Even more appropriate to leave him in the cupboard.