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Friday, February 21, 2003

A line drop-out led lunch-time motor-mouth Eleanor Hall to reveal the tactics behind an otherwise puzzling choice of talent on The World Today yesterday.

The interviewee was Carol Mosely-Brown, an obscure Democrat former US Senator who is gasping for oxygen for an improbable assault on the Democrats' Presidential nomination. Why give it to her?

And our apologies that that interview was cut so short. We had hoped to find out from Ms Mosely-Braun whether she opposes the war even if it’s endorsed by the UN.

And also, what its like being a prominent political figure in the US criticising the President, especially given the US Ambassador to Australia recently accused some Australian politicians arguing a similar line of "anti-Americanism".

"Our task today, Communards, is to expose the repressive fascist state that the US has become under Bush, with opposition to the war a signal for vicious abuse and suppression."

I fear they would have been disappointed.

Not that it would have changed their prejudices by one jot, mind you.