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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

It must have needled the ego of Australia's Mick Jagger of the UN stage, Richard Butler, that no-one seemed to notice that he had joined the pacifist mobs last weekend. No-one except Auntie.

Pastor Terry Lane gave him a good run, but since Auntie judges, correctly, that her commentators' contributions are both too low in quality and too predictable in content to justify the cost of transcription it was not possible for Uncle to describe Dick's fancy footwork.

In very brief summary, Dick manages to

confirm Colin Powell's assessment of Iraq's WMD work,
let Blix off the hook for demeaning Powell's assessment,
abuse John Howard as a "liar" for drawing the distinction between being ready to fight and being irrevocably committed to fight,
ignore Simon Crean's lunacy of being unready to fight while accepting the right of Chirac, Schroeder and Putin to tell him when to do it, and - Dick does contradictions wholesale -
damn US Ambassador Schieffer for defending his Government against abuse under Parliamentary privilege.

Now someone with access to a commercial transcription service has done the job of dissecting Dick in detail and with quotations. And done it well. It's here.

(Don't be deceived by the stupid nom-de-plume; that's Crikey's invention.)