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Monday, February 03, 2003

Another demonstration of Auntie's Saddamitic talent for consensus building can be found in the results of the ABC poll on the question, "Should Australia take part in a war against Iraq [under any circumstances]?"

90% against.

Don't panic; they're working on the recalcitrants.

Later Moving beyond those who call the talk-back Tsars, Newspoll has sampled the broader population among whom are many more of impeccable sanity, and found that, under the same conditions applying to the Rehame count, 57% favour Australia's involvement in military action.

This tells us that a. the anti-yanks are, as usual, more excited than the population in general, and b. when the Security Council votes in favour of military action Opposition Leader Simon Crean is a dead political duck. Unless the war drags on, as Uncle does not expect.