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Friday, February 14, 2003
MILITARY SERVICE in the age of Victims'R'Us is a problematic business.

First, the enemy wants to make you a victim. By definition.

But so do your commanders. They ask you to to have injections to stop the enemy making you a victim of Anthrax.

But some anti-immunisation victimologists say that will make you a victim of water on the scapula and testicular rotation and lots more. You could be claiming compensation before the enemy even gets a shot at you.

And some commanders are making you victims of pressure to conform. Imagine that! Military leaders exerting pressure! So are your comrades who feel discommoded by your jumping ship in mid-ocean. Bastards!

The nation's top medical adviser says you have the same risk of any serious consequence as if you didn't have the injection. What would he know? The publicity-addict in charge of the doctors' union, Kerryn Phelps, says he can't prove it. She must be right. Doctors see lots of victims.

Perhaps the pacifists are the real winners in all this.

The only acceptable way to become a victim is by letting the enemy do it.