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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

The trouble with being a rational Christian, rather than a Christian pacifist, is that you have to think.

Too hard, brother, too hard.

Take this example:

It’s not a question of whether it is a just or unjust war, the question is whether it is an appropriate response, because right now we are in a time of history when the states are so interwoven, the global community is forming, then is it really a war that’s going to solve? Take Iraq. OK, let’s go to war with Iraq: whether we win or whether we lose, as far as a conflict is concerned, does that really solve any of the problems? And I’m not sure I know. I know I don’t know what all the problems in Iraq might be, I don’t understand that, but will a war solve it? And we are, perhaps, at a time when neither just nor unjust war is any longer appropriate.

Well, Uncle is just going to keep praying for them.