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Thursday, February 20, 2003
IRAQI REFUGEE Adnan Hassan writes with honesty and passion about the options facing the Iraqi people .

For the past 35 years I have been screaming with pain, but no one marched for me. When over one million of my people were killed, no one marched for me. Eight years of bloody war between Iraq and Iran, no one marched for me. When I was sinking and dying beneath the hand of Saddam Hussein, no one marched for me.

On Sunday I watched the peace activists rallying for peace without mentioning my butcher, Hussein. They marched alongside Hussein's activists, I saw them very clearly.

My only wish is for the sinking ship of Iraq to be saved. We tried very hard to save ourselves but we couldn't. All the nation rebelled in 1991, but was put down brutally, right before America's eyes. Hussein has survived more than 20 assassination attempts.

I looked to the Iraqi opposition groups to unite so they could form a government after an invasion. There is not much hope of that either. I don't care who rules my country after an invasion as long as there are less jails, less killing.

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After that, we can all take up Chirac's "great opportunity to shut up".