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Monday, February 10, 2003
I HAVE GROWN TOO CYNICAL to write anything as good as this.

This probably isn't available on transcript yet but I heard an absolute ABC beauty this morning from Peter Thompson on the Breakfast program.
Peter decides to make things interesting during the weather report by giving us the details from some "hotspots" - he tells that the expected maximum in Pyongyang is XX and the forecast for Baghdad is XX. He then tells us that in Washington "... a place where they really need some clear thinking...." it is XX degrees.

I almost choked on my coffee!

On our national broadcaster, three capitals are mentioned - Baghdad, Pyongyang and Washington. Two of these cities are home to governments headed by murderous despots who own or are constructing weapons of mass destruction contrary to international agreements. These leaders torture and starve their populations, brutally repress all dissent, do not allow freedom of the press, do not conduct democratic elections and constantly threaten their neighbours with invasion/destruction.

The other capital mentioned, houses a democratically elected government which upholds the rule of law, freedom of the press, full democratic participation by it's citizens, provides the bulk of the world food aid, does not threaten its neighbours, welcomes migrants from around the world and occasionally, (like all nations) stuffs up and makes mistakes.

Which of the these should be singled out for a plea for some "clear thinking"??

If there were clear thinking in Pyongyang and Baghdad there would be no international crisis whatsoever of any proportions at all.

Tell me Uncle ( this is an argument I have had with so many people and have still not arrived at any satisfactory conclusion) is the ABC intentionally biased or does it not perceive its own bias or does it think it doesn't matter?

What is your view?

A Despairing Taxpayer

Jim, I wish I knew.

If I thought it didn't matter I would cease blogging.