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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Carl R has had a gutful of Sydney chat-show presenter James O'Loghlin's reflexive anti-Americanism.

I'm an American and have generally felt very welcome since coming to this country in 1977 -- although more among the common Aussie than those who call themselves intellectuals. But I'm really starting to feel very very uncomfortable. It's so petty. So odious. The minute I open my mouth, the question's there. They assume you're a Bushie. I've just about had it.

O'Loghlin gets 15 hours a week of Auntie's biggest local audience. A licence to mix his serial political commentary with the comments of listeners.

And the power to hang up on people, like Carl, who don't agree with him.

Carl, my advice to you is to summon the assistance of an agency of the caring state created just for people like you - HREOC. It hates acts of ethnic unpleasantness. In severe cases it even gives you punching rights.

By the way, Carl, I assume you are a Bushie. Otherwise I'm going to cut you off right now.