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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

You don't have to be a cynic to get a chuckle over the antics of the pacifists.

Perhaps because their argument is so threadbare their political tactics, in response to those who shoulder our common obligation to defend ourselves, are based on nakedness.

And so we have Pubes for Peace.

You have to admire the hardiness of the 30 women who exposed themselves to the snow and cameras in Central Park, New York. And marvel at the effectiveness of exposed perinea in turning the opinions of 30 people into world-wide news.

As to their slogan, "No bush", this is the first time Uncle has seen pubic shaving presented as a political cause. I still can't see why.

By contrast, the "more than 750" women who disrobed at Hippy Central near Byron Bay must have been hard to distinguish from the usual summer tourist traffic.

"I was completely overwhelmed," Australian jazz and blues singer Grace Knight, who led organisational efforts for today's protest, told AAP.

"I needed at the very least 67 women and I prayed for 250, and we got more than 750

Perhaps there were a couple of tour buses going past at the time.

Time to balance the debate with a wankathon from those of us who don't expect someone else to clean our toilets.

Welcome to Dicks for Doing It.

Join Uncle on the front lawns of our national Parliament. I want you to get your gear off and form the image of a bullet with Saddam's name on it.

You'll have no trouble finding me. I'll be the one with the trousers on.