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Tuesday, January 28, 2003
WITH EGOS AS BIG as their readerships are small, bloggers are a tetchy lot.

You have seriously libelled myself and my equine estimating associate Magic Michael Manley. I'll have you know that we were knee-deep in spondoola after Saturday's gallops due to Mr Manley's deft handling of the drawing pin, the blindfold and the form guide.
Due to the holiday season we are having a break from Saturday prognostications. But Unk, stick with us through the rest of 03 and Aunty will be bathing in ass's milk and dining on thrush's tongues in aspic.

My legal adviser tells me the only safe course when threatened with action for defamation is to grovel. So here goes.

Mr Bernard Slattery and his mate are the greatest and most successful Turf Risk Consultants in the southern Hemisphere, if not the world.