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Wednesday, January 29, 2003
THEY ALMOST CALLED HIM JESUS. Luckily Achmed's parents had a change of heart and called him Sokarno instead.

Now Achmed Sokarno standing on the ticket for the Reform the Legal System Party in the forthcoming NSW election. Party leader Peter Breen is singing along with Sheik Al Hilaly about NSW government "persecution" of Muslims in Australia, especially of Hilaly. A fellow that holy shouldn't be expected to register and insure his car.

And the Mufti, before he went off to Haj, wrote a note to his Muslim flock telling them it was their religious duty to vote for Achmed.

The communards at Auntie think he deserves a boost, another victim of the redneck majority. Don't other ethnics get elected?

Quite so, comrades. No reservations about religious leaders attempting to direct their flocks in matters political?

Is this the start of Western European-style communalist politics in Australia?

I doubt it. More like the beginning of a long apprenticeship in the fine-grinding skills of representative politics.

The Mufti should pull his head in, but. Same goes for you Daniel Mannix.