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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

According to the Friends of the ABC, Auntie should work "for the benefit of the Australian people, not for the benefit of the government of the day."

Great sentiment, stinking politics.

And who do you think is the voice of the Australian people?

The Australian Democrats! FABC's spokestwit, Elisabeth McClement was "speaking after a Democrats-FABC demonstration, attended by about 60 people outside the ABC studios in Brisbane" according to a report in yesterday's Australian.

And, of course, Labor's media spokeshack Lindsay Tanner is leading by imitation with the promise to develop "a policy to include the ABC and other statutory bodies." What this means, if it means anything, is that the control of public corporations will pass from our elected governments to unelected tribunals stacked by the kinds of people who run FABC. Ignorant, inexperienced, incompetent, fanatic, unrepresentative and utterly righteous.

Elisabeth McClement, also thinks "the community had to persuade the Government not to replace Micahel Kroger...with someone else closely identified with politics." So that's where the Cheryl Kernot voters in Uncle's mini-poll were coming from - FABC!

Strange people these left-wing activists. Stick them in front of the mirror and they see only The People. In front of any crowd greater than four in number they see only themselves.