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Wednesday, January 29, 2003
HENNY HERALD'S TELEVISION JOURNALIST, if Uncle may mix his metaphors, is trying to beat up a war between Auntie's NSW 7.00 pm TV news presenters Tony Eastley and Juanita Phillips.

Publishing yesterday, Bruce Elder and his Editor found a lack of banter between the two mouthpieces suspicious enough to justify a page three item with photograph.

To prove he's no couch potato, Elder likens the strange focus of our news-readers on reading the news to a performance of Waiting for Godot. He hasn't understood that performance either.

Pathetic. I don't care what our two script-readers think of each other, even less what they think of what they're reading. As long as they can read news stories effectively. God knows, that's a rare enough talent.

Check the BBC World Service. Or CNN or Deutsche Welle. They prefer to talk to their real audiences.

If I want banter I'll switch on a sit-com. Like Bruce Elder does for a living.

By the way, Auntie's web-site has never heard of either Tony Eastley or Juanita Phillips, if their search engine is to be believed. Perhaps they should write in Auntie's visitors book next time they drop in.