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Sunday, January 12, 2003

A cabinet, Coalition or Labor, can be seen as a committee of the Australians who are hostile to the ABC.

As you would expect.

Perhaps it's curable. The Government is about to fill vacancy on the ABC Board (the only group in Australia who have to prove they watch/listen to Auntie) replacing Renaissance Prince and Liberal Party hack Michael Kroger.

Here's your chance to tell John Howard what to do.

Take a look at the array of talent below, vote, and leave the rest to Uncle.

THE CANDIDATES and their platforms.

Peter Reith.
"She didn't catch it from me!"

Cheryl Kernot.
"I'm talking to myself again. Are you listening there!"

Pastor Terry Lane.
"Keep Auntie pure. No more filthy capitalist-state lucre for the ABC!"

Max-weird McCutcheon.
"Give me the opportunity to talk back to the government about what you're talking back to me about when you do, or would do if you don't or haven't yet. Unless."

Christopher Pearson.
"I'm God's little needle for the rent in the moral fabric of the 1950s. Who listens to them anyway?"

Philip Gastropod Adams.
"Stuff off proles. This gig doesn't even pay my rates. Still, since I run Auntie's political agenda I might as well run the rest. First the Board, then the Chair, then the MD, then.... snuffle snuffle slurp. Urp."

Over to you.