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Friday, January 17, 2003

Isn't this simply the best idea you've heard for years?

Andrew Wiley knows how to balance Auntie.

"Despite enquiries, stacking the board, a hand picked CEO, no amount of external influence seems to make the slightest difference to the Left bias fed to us on a constant [ increasing ] basis.
May I suggest a solution. Leave the ABC where it is and start an alternative, competing service staffed by hand picked operatives - say Tim Blair for CEO - yourself for head of News -- etc. etc.
This set up would have the following advantages.
1. The new structure avoids the internal white anting of reforms by entrenched lefties.
2. Total costs of the 2 structures could be shared equally out of the existing budget.
3.The new corporate culture, group think, would be unashamedly Right thinking, and aggressively competitive with the old ABC.

Wishful thinking?"

Never! It's just the ticket Andrew. Apart from a minor issue with the pecking order of the senior staff.

Auntie's talent could choose which branch of the now-balanced intelligent national conversation they wished to join.

The communards and Auntiques could keep their 1975 life-raft and pretend they've still got the Australian masses in there with them. The rest of us could have a professional public service broadcaster to be proud of.

Double the content for the same money!

Now, who else will we appoint to the staff of Alt-ABC? What will we call it?

Arise, Sir Andrew!