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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

The lovely Sheikh Al Hilaly of the Lebanese Muslim Association is wasting no time in putting his fatwa on the Howard Government's warnings about possible al Quaeda attacks in Australia.

"This is all for domestic consumption," he said.

Actually, it wasn't him speaking, but the supposedly prettier Keysar Trad, who speaks for the Mullah. Al Hilaly has only been a community leader in Australia for a decade or two and can't be expected to deal with the natives in their local language.

"Australia has always been a haven for peace and security.

Even if its culture is corrupt, its people debased and its women beneath contempt.

"I believe that all these warnings are politically motivated, much of this rhetoric is preparation to rush through certain legislations (sic)."

Now Uncle has heard no-one else come to this firm conclusion about the Government's warnings of the current terror hazard. Except the Gastropod on his Late Night Live pulpit, of course. But we know he's a jihadi.

There are two possible conclusions from this.

Either the Mullah of the Lakemba Mosque has the inside running on al Quaeda's plans and is qualified to call the Government a pack of liars, and he knows the Government's forward legislative program;

or the Mullah is as ignorant as the rest of us, but is playing religious wedge politics.

Take your pick.

If the second and more likely alternative is correct, this Mullah is a very mad Mullah indeed.

Uncle is prepared to wager a considerable sum that this essay into the politically unspeakable will pass without the hint of a slap from the liberal left.