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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

The Afghan foreign minister must have been smoking some of his local produce. Afghanistan's Foreign Minister says some asylum seekers in Australia could have fake Afghan identity papers.

Dr Abdullah Abdullah says forged documents could have been made at Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan.

I'd like to believe him, but that would make the entire left commentariat at Auntie and elsehwere out to be total fools. They assure us it couldn't happen, so we should let all illegals just run free.

Amnesty, which is about the rights of political dissidents, continues to back the HREOC model for dealing with illegal arrivals. Trouble with that wet approach is that HREOC thinks Detention is part of a policy of deterrence , and it's cruel to kids and that's all there is to it. National security just doesn't get a mention.

According to amnesty:
Amnesty International does not oppose all detention for people arriving in Australia without valid documentation. There are instances where initial detention may be necessary, for example to establish a person's identity or perform health and security checks.

However, international human rights law requires that governments do not detain people automatically or beyond what is a reasonable length of time. In Amnesty International's view, delays in a refugee determination process, whether caused by appeals or other factors, are not sufficient justifications to continue an asylum seeker's detention.
(my emphases).

Have you ever read such a load of mealy-mouthed, head up your arse, double-speak!

They think they're on the higher moral ground, of course. Up with political dissenters like bin Laden, whose rights have been shamefully denied.

I wonder why Philip Ruddock wants to maintain his membership? Can't he tell the high ground from a stinking swamp?