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Thursday, November 14, 2002

The talents of the professional hack-twisters at the University of Technology Sydney are astounding.

Uncle has previously recognised the sterling role they play in agenda-setting for Auntie's communards. The same sort of relationship Bashir the duck has with Islamofascist terrorism.

But they're not the kind who rest on their academic laurels and sink into tenured torpor.

They have now held a conference on civil disobedience. In keeping with the applied character of this fine educational institution there were, no doubt, hands on lessons on how to destroy the bourgeois capitalist state by being unkind to police horses.

Not everyone appreciated their efforts. Or their venue: the NSW Parliament.

The Research Initiative in International Activism, set up through the University of Technology, Sydney, caused a stir by using a NSW Parliament meeting room for a conference on civil disobedience. The conference was held in the lead up to the WTO meeting in Sydney, where large anti-globalisation protests were expected.

Rather like showing bin Laden around the nuclear plant.

How did UTS get into the act? Through James Goodman, Lecturer in the Department of Writing, Journalism and Social Inquiry at the Univerdity [they said it] of Technology, Sydney; founding member of UTS Research Initiative

This must be post-modern liberty. The old version taught you to think for yourself so you could freely decide to agitate.

In the new university they cut the theoretical crap and get down and hands-on.

How do you research activism? Fuck it and see.

The Gastropod takes a look at it. Why doesn't it get the usual direct broadcast?