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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Auntie's a sucker for bush populism. She knows she'd be dead without the National Party in Cabinet.

Plausibility is not a limiting factor when the Breakfast crew go rambling for a straw-coated, dung-smelling cause. Here it is, still dripping:

Victorian farmers are watching their money pour down the drain as they struggle to manage this drought. They say they're being forced to pay for 100% of their water allocations yet, their water rights are now down to less than half, while they still have to pay for water they can't use.

Try this experiment.

Your local Council has imposed water restrictions. But they refuse to cut your rates. They spout some crap about fixed costs, and drought-induced costs.

Now, try to get the Breakfast crew to give you peak air-time to promote your bleat.