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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

One number that killer Amrozi didn't know was on the chassis of his van let Indonesian police trace this key Bali conspirator. Without it they'd probably still be running on guesswork.

Meanwhile Amrozi apologises to his family, but no longer seems sorry for killing so many Australians. Neither does may-have-bin Laden in his al Jazeera tape, but he does make a special mention of the left's favourite cause in south east Asia, Australia's role in the separation of East Timor from Indonesia.

In about 24 hours look here for a transcript of an interview with the head of Indonesia's police team conducting the Bali investigation. He seems to be playing a straight game, and that won't endear him to the "the CIA did it" denialists and duck-lovers around him.

Meanwhile, Amrozi continues to squawk, and has given the first direct link to Jemaah Islamiyah, a certain Imam Samudra.