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Tuesday, November 05, 2002
IMPOSSIBLE. Even the weird-to-the-max Sandy McCutcheon could feel the ground move beneath him on Australia Talks Back last night. No, it wasn't on-air sex for the air-head.

Gosh, perhaps those creepy spooks really have a job to do!

Intelligence intellectual Clive Williams had his second outing on Auntie in two days. Andrew Bolt, a columnist on the Herald Sun, but unlikely to be recruited to Auntie's commentariat, was heard expressing views that would be reasonably familiar to those who read this blog. Outstanding work, communards!

Balancing these two were Roland Jabour of the Australian Arabic Council and Riaz Hassan, a sociologist from Flinders University.

It says something about the total failure of leadership among Australian Muslims that we could predict so closely the lines that these two, particularly Jabour, would take.

While Australia's political leaders have been scrupulous in distinguishing Islam in general and Islamic citizens in general from the issue of terrorism, not one Islamic leader to date has dared to stand up and criticise the fanatics and hate-talkers in the Islamic community.

On the contrary, every one of them either denies totally the fanatic element's existence, or lays into the major political parties for supporting anti-Islamic pogroms.

Jabour is no exception. Not only is JI not to be labelled as what it is, but the name JI itself is defined into insignificance as a mere generic term found in use all over the Islamic world. Keep it up Jabour, but don't complain if the rest of the country takes you at your word and lumps the innocent with the vicious and the vicious with the guilty. With friends like that...

Riaz Hassan is a much more intelligent man, but suffers a similar affliction.

We mustn't talk about a war on terrorism, because terrorists are just criminals, not states, according to the professor.

When did the mafia/triads/yakuza last fly aircraft into skyscrapers? How long would al Quaeda continue operating without the hospitality of rogue or failed states? A truly pathetic attempt at equivalence.

Well, he is just a professor of sociology, so we mustn't expect too much.

Marvellous to see! A greater-than-usual proportion of the ATB respondees spoke up for the rights of the community to defend itself and its values.

A world going weird.

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