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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Old Henny ( it's Tuesday, maybe it's a crisis...) Herald has sent out its fearless fret of investigative reporters to read the propaganda published by Mr Jaya Basri, one of the subjects of last week's vigorous ASIO enquiries.

This is a newsletter titled "al Haq".

Oops....can't read it. Call in the translator, ex-Professor Tony Johns.

That's better. What's the fellow on about?

"The Herald found only one reference to Abu Bakar [Bashir the duck] in the copies provided [by Jasri]".

What a relief!

Wait, what's this. "The icon of the Holy Struggle is called Osama bin Laden... His bearing is unassuming and he apears slightly dishevelled. His countenance is shining with the light of faith, strength and courage." Oh dear.

"On the basis of these documents you could not say there is a threat or indication of any imminent attack" comments the re-assuring professor Johns. I'm glad you told me that, professor. I'd still favour doubling ASIO's budget.

What's this reference to Australian weapons being unloaded in Ambon? Just a third-party report.

Well, old Henny still thought it worth a small para on page 1, with the rest buried on page 7.

I doubt we'll hear much more from Henny's sleuths on this subject.

You will need to go to the Australian on the same day to read this:

"The Islamic group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, which advocates the creation of a worldwide Muslim state, held a meeting of more than 400 people in the Auburn Civic Centre." No date given.

The audience "were urged to consider themselves Muslims, not Australians, first... The main speaker, Abu Sumaiya, passionately highlighted 'the dangers of integration', describing it as a 'plot of the West....Muslims living in the West mus trealise that we are not a minority which can easily melt into Anglo-capitalist way of life."

Clearly Abu Sumaiya is a strong candidate for the next vacancy on Auntie's commentariat.

Hang on, isn't Auburn in Sydney? Shouldn't we be hearing this from Henny? What is the response from the Community Leaders?

Is ordering the translation of a few newsletters all Henny's investigative reporters can handle this week?