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Thursday, November 07, 2002

Uncle subscribes to Crikey's newsletter. The free one of course; with my cellar to support you don't waste money on luxuries.

Showing a total incomprehension of Auntie's byzantine politics, Crikey wants her to hobble her sports coverage during that exciting contest between Steve Bracks and what'sisname for the prize of running Victoria. I hate to think what second prize might be.

Who cares about a one-sided sporting contest? It's time for Aunty to be flexible and dump the cricket when it clashes with important events such as the Victorian election. At the very least they should survey their audience.

Trouble is, that would threaten the deal between the communards who run Radio National and the rest who want to keep their jobs. Some of the rest are also committed to professionalism.

The deal lets the communards have RN, while local radio plays a populist game and television just tries to entertain. Without the entertainers, no ears and eyeballs to present to governments as trophies.

It simply doesn't occur to most in either camp that the goal of professional, quality national broadcasting is worth kicking for.

Pity those who do.