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Saturday, November 02, 2002

Looking for some wind assistance for his fatwa against genetic engineering of our crops, Greenpeace's anti-GM spiv, John Hepburn, is flapping his arms vigorously in the midst of our most recent dust storm, claiming that it proves the improved varieties of Canola and cotton will spread like the black death.

The minders behind Radio National Breakfast could be relied on to give this pathetic publicity stunt a boost.

It seems (no transcript, no audio) the science doesn't support the alarmism, but what the hell. If you're Greenpeace, it's the profile that counts.

They haven't dared to put their case on their own Website. It seems a phone call to your uncritical media friends is all it takes to get prime-time exposure for your latest stunt. The standard of the Australian media's environmental reporting hasn't improved since they disgraced themselves at the Johannesburg Summit.

Later: According to Aaron Oakley Greenpeace's campaign to starve a few hundred thousand Africans to death for the sake of their environmental souls has scored a stunning victory. Zambia has bought the paranoid fantasy and banned GM relief supplies.