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Friday, November 29, 2002
A BRAIN ON A RACEHORSE? I've sure never seen one backing the beasts.

This old jockey is one of the funniest men I've heard all year, not excepting Bob Brown.

He's a bush battler of Aboriginal descent who jumped on a horse at age ten and won a race at Thargomindah. Knew straight away he was a jockey.

He visited the racecourse in Brisbane and was offered a job by a sharp-eyed trainer. "No thanks, I've already got a job" he said, but signed on when he found he could get paid for it.

A long and successful career here and overseas, mixing with the rich and famous. "Never found any race prejudice personally. Never looked for it. I've had a good war."

The man's as dry as a drought year but a lot more fun. His name is Darby McCarthy and you'll probably be able to listen to him on audio some time next week.