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Thursday, November 14, 2002
ANTI-GLOBALISM. What goes around?

Try: "Leave it in the ground! Contesting extractive accumulation on the semi-periphery." By James Goodman.

I think I get it. Keep the bastards poor and pure.

What is a Research Initiative on International Activism?

A key focus for the Initiative is on activism, social movements, social change, and the politics of globalisation, and the fluidities and contestations that characterise their interactions. The field of social movement research is exceptionally fertile. It is a key site of engagement between pluralists stressing the political process, post-Marxists focusing on "new" social movements, and neo-Marxists debating the developing logic of class struggle. It is a central focus for alternative theoretical formations, including feminism, queer theory, environmental and social justice, indigenous sovereignty, post colonialism, racism and anti-racism, and diasporic mobilisation. In recent years these various strands of social movement research have become embedded in wider debates about the politics of mobilisation, with a series of analyses that, in effect, internationalise the field.

Your taxes at work.