Tim Blair


New Criterion



Sunday, October 13, 2002

THOUGHT you'd like to know that Christopher Kremmer is now using Auntie's pulpit to proclaim the Australian media to be the "handmaidens of the imperial West."

Our media are just defending an unjust and doomed status quo.

I get the feeling that this program should be framed and put on the mantelpiece. After today even Auntie's communards may think twice about promoting their ideology so openly.

Later: In case you were wondering, this program was put together for Auntie by the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, which is nothing of the sort. It is the public face of the media teaching operation of the University of Technology, Sydney, with the agenda set by a combination of undergraduate leftism and the old Auntie hack Chris Nash. Thus do the communards disclaim responsibility for their control of Auntie's agenda.