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Tuesday, October 22, 2002
SHOCKING GERALDINE the hostess of Life Matters is not difficult.

The unanimous findings of a Parliamentary Committee have drawn attention to some findings that will not suprise anyone whose eyes have been open sometime in the last decade or so.

However, the Committee is convinced that the current Gender Equity Framework does not adequately address boys' needs and should be revised to more effectively address the needs of boys as well as girls.

Our public school system has become dysfunctional for many boys. The main reason is: the needs of boys were never on the political agenda.

Thirty years ago feminists got control of the education policy agenda and the curriculum. At that time educational outcomes for girls - like school retention rates and entry to tertiary education - were slightly worse than for boys.

By about 1980 the indicators showed boys and girls performing about the same.

Since then the outcomes for boys have got steadily worse, and are now a national disgrace.

Despite two decades of disturbing evidence, the Parliamentarians found the State education authorities, the teacher unions and their community allies in total denial. A few dogged researchers keep drawing attention to the scandal.

You think it just can't go on like this?

Try doing something about it, in any organisation you have access to. Put on your kevlar knickers.

Good luck.

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