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Saturday, October 05, 2002

From Oslo to intifada, for two weeks this heartbreaker of a documentary has followed the tragic downward slope to the present misery in Israel and Palestine.

It included interviews with the leading negotiators through the times of high hopes to the failure represented by the consequences of Sharon's visit to Temple Mount just before his election as Israel's Prime Minister. Sheer tragedy.

It is hard not to judge Arafat harshly for his inability to lead the Palestinians into the form of statehood that was available at Camp David. The Israeli hard-liners are as crazy as Hamas, but, even under Sharon, they were not calling the shots.

Within thirty seconds of the ending of this gruelling experience there was a promo for John Pilger's inflammatory diatribe, The Palestinians.

Gold to shit in less than a minute.

Someone's idea of balance I guess.

It's beyond the reach of Uncle's tolerance.