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Saturday, October 19, 2002

The head of the Anglican church in Australia, called its "Primate" for reasons that weren't clear to me until today, is channelling al Quaeda for us.

The head of the Anglican Church in Australia [Archbishop Peter Carnley], has blamed the Bali bombings on Australia's outspoken support for the United States in planning military action against Iraq.

It's not that the Government wasn't warned. We wrote to Mr Howard on the 8th of August in fact, he said. I think it was around about that time that, in fact, the Prime Minister took a more, a moderate approach to the US bombing of Iraq.

To which our Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, in a display of virtuoso sarcasm of which Uncle did not think him capable, replied: If we don't know who did it, then it's pretty hard to know what their motives were and obviously if Archbishop Carnley's Diocese has some information that can assist with the investigation then we would obviously appreciate that information.

Our prattling primate also thought we should take heed of the view he ascribes to many Muslims, that Western culture is "decadent". I know a good Website to help His Grace with his further education.

I've been there, your Worthiness, and I was not convinced.