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Tuesday, October 29, 2002
MORE MISERY was promised yesterday, and Uncle always keeps his promises.

If you think I am a little short with the morning mouthpiece on Radio National's Breakfast, Vivian Schenker, you should listen to Aung San Suu Kyi.

The minders got access to the hard-pressed Suu Kyi, where she sits in the waiting room for the Burmese Presidential Palace, as she has done for the past ten years.

She is a highly-intelligent, tough woman, and her steely contempt for Schenker, as it sharpens in the course of the 14-minute interview, is cutting. Except for Schenker, whose capacity for inanity is unaffected.

Until Suu Kyi is driven to erupt with these simple words: "I'm afraid the time is up". Schenker still demands two further dopy questions, and she can, because Suu Kyi is not going to demean herself by hanging up.

You didn't think it was the role of a "national broadcaster" to humiliate the nation that pays for it?

Listen to the audio, and think again.