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Monday, October 28, 2002

George Munster was, in Uncle's view, one of Australia'a journalistic pioneers. As mentioned before, his memory is being abused by the Centre for Independent Journalism, a communard front organisation run by ex-Auntie hack Chris Nash for undergraduates at UTS.

In this way, by appearing to just "cover" someone else's event, assisted by the mis-leading labelling, the communards can distance themselves from the agenda-setting. But just ask yourself how many IPA or CIS forums you will hear "covered" in full on Auntie.

This Sunday's service raised the question: Detention Centres; were our media censored? You know the answer.

But it's worse. With few exceptions, like Margo Kingston, our journalists have been corrupted, and they're corrupting the simpletons who live in this country. It's all because of the profit motive. Some truly disgraceful so-called jouralists even ganged up on that poor unfortunate scheming liar Baktiyari, and proved that's what he was. Need we say more. Gripe and groan for a solid hour. You can wait for the transcript, but take it from me that no-one who spoke, or discussed, at this forum was further to the right than the far left of the ALP.

Don't expect balance. It's their ABC.