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Thursday, October 17, 2002
A LITTLE GOOD NEWS in an appalling week.

We Friends of AnnaBelle Crabb have had a victory. On Tuesday night young Annabelle was not called back to jump in the mud-filled bath-tub with Philip Adams. A young soul lives on, free to find her way in a naughty world.

The downside of all this is that poor old Margo Kingston has been called back to duty. Tuesday night's performance shows just how corrupted the ex-journalist has been by years and years of stroking Adams' ideological G-spots. The only solace is knowing that all hope for Margo has gone.

The audio of Tuesday's Late Night Live, listening to which Uncle could not bear without the example of what his fellow-Australians have been going through in the morgues of Kuta, was a scarifying experience.

Phil and Margo agreed that, almost four days after the explosion, it was not time to reflect on matters of responsibility and blame: it was "time to feel the pain". Margo thought that trained artists should be called in to interpret it for us.

This didn't stop Phil and Margo going through every possible candidate for the bastards who did the deed, except, of course, al Quaeda (or al Quadia, as Margo prefers) since all communards know that they are a fiction created by the CIA to support US imperial ambitions.

Phil thought it might be drug barons who wanted us to believe it was terrorists. We'll have to wait for a later program to find out why drug barons should want to kill so many potential customers and close down a prime retail outlet.

Margo declared that her Webdiary for the Terminal Herald was going to be "a culture-wars free zone" until all the victims are buried.

That means that she has about three months to reflect on

* why it's OK for her to accuse the Australian defence forces of deliberately murdering the refugees on SIEVX while questioning the existence of Islamist terrorism directed at her fellow countrymen and women.

* why she and her mate Phil should remain attached to their view that it (terrorism against liberal democratic countries) is our fault,

* why, if there is so little evidence to point to those responsible, about 300 000 of her countrymen and women could be signed up tomorrow for the duty of strangling Bashir the duck

* why she should stay in journalism, apart from the fact that the Terminal Herald continues to pay her.

Have you got the stomach for more of this? Uncle went through the entire ten minutes and needs to unburden.

Here is Margo's idea of the political spectrum of opinion on our current difficulties:

From her "enormous" email in-tray post-Bali, she deduces the extreme right among her correspondents think we should support the US in the war on Iraq. The mainstream left, on the other hand, thinks "Howard did it".

What a political spectrum the Terminal Herald has.

Truly Auntie in print!