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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

This is the insouciant response from the head of Jemaa Islamiya (or "Islamaya" if you're Philip Adams), Abu Bakar Bashir to questions about his links with terrorism.

"My message to the foreign minister is to come here and bring the evidence.

"Don't just accuse verbally like a child, ask him to come here and bring the evidence and face me.

"As a Foreign Minister, don't be too emotional, don't be like a duck following America.

"He has to have his own stand, so if he accuses me of involvement in terror please come, bring the proof because the accusation needs evidence."

Bashir is one of those odious creeps who preaches hatred, teaches hatred, sponsors killers and then stands back and says "look, no hands".

It may go down with the village idiots but governments that are committed to protect their citizens just have to make it clear;

Jail this man, pull apart his networks, or we are not your friends.

You can listen to him tonight on Auntie's Foreign Correspondent, 9.30pm AET.