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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
GO, OLD GIRL! Auntie counter-attacks as the best means of defence.

Yes, the communards are already sick to death of all this good press for the war against terror and they're doing something about it.

David Brock is a former Right-wing reporter who was a central player and True Believer, during many of these smear operations during the Newt Gringrich Era. He wrote the book "The Real Anita Hill" but had a complete change of heart when he found himself unable to discredit the reputation of Hilary Clinton, a project he'd been paid a $1 million advance for. Instead, he wrote 'Blinded By the Right', an intriguing concept and book for this particular point in time.

Very appropriate for "this particular point in time", boys and girls. Not only is "The Right" an evil bunch of pricks, but here we have a fearless authority on the subject who's just turned down $1 mill to tell us about it.

The trouble with trying to discredit Hilary Clinton is, it's already been done. And the sleaze keeps coming (from Ombudsgod).

In January 1996, she was forced to stand before a federal criminal grand jury to answer questions about how some billing records that had been missing for several years reappeared in the offices of her law firm. For a while there was speculation that she would be indicted.

By the way, what was his advance on Blinded by the Right ?

Hell, I was just asking!

And when do you broadcast "LEFT CLUELESS". Even more appropriate for this particular point in time.