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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Senior Indonesian Ministers have repeatedly denied al-Qaeda has established roots here in Indonesia, but now, in the wake of the Bali blasts, those leaders are conceding they may well have been wrong.

Last night, the country's defence minister declared, "I'm sure the al-Qaeda network really exists. The explosion in Bali is related to al-Qaeda.

What would he know!

As the investigation into the Bali attack continues, analyst MJ Gohel, from the Asia-Pacific Foundation, says it is misleading for world leaders and the media to constantly refer to the Al Qaeda group as being linked to every terrorist incident around the globe.

He says he believes the attack in Bali was master-minded without much input at all from the remnants of the Al Qaeda group in Afghanistan

How much input do you need? By the standards if Dr Gohel [yes, we are being had on] the resistance networks run by Britain in Europe during the second world war were not really there.

Just lots of enthusiastic local pyromaniacs who happened to blow up railway tracks when the BBC broadcast "the white mouse is coming to dinner" or some such nonsense.

They just happened to have visited Britain in the recent past where they happened to have undertaken some recreational activities involving explosives and heavy blood-letting.

If "Dr Gohel" is as well-informed as he claims he should be arrested.

If he is as ignorant as I think he is, why does Auntie give him space?