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Wednesday, September 25, 2002
RIGHTIST REBELLION ON THE NET! Or so the tropical Mr Ken Parish seems to think. Is he right? Do your own labelling, nephews and nieces.

Uncle would be embarrassed to tell you of his wasted years among the communards.

Has my lifeboat washed up on the right bank? Sometimes wonder myself.

Last week, while travelling in the region occupied by Parishes, I was limping piteously down the aircraft's aisle, hoping that a soft-hearted steward would have regard to my infirmity and push me into a business-class seat. Alas, all were occupied. One of these children of privilege I recognised.

She is a woman of part-Aboriginal descent, separated in childhood, through no fault of her own, from all contact with that side of her ancestry. I had some time ago heard her excoriating the entire Australian society and polity, not just for their many acts of bastardry to our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, but for the inherent immorality of the culture in which we seem condemned to live. This jeremiad was unleashed without passion, since it was written for her by her government-funded office staff. It was received without comment, since the audience was comprised largely of those who have devoted most of their lives to trying to make good some small part of the damage.

As I resumed my normal gait down the aircraft's aisle, did I feel a rush of warm satisfaction at the sight? Did I see historical injustice being righted? Afraid not, although the good woman deserves comfort as much as the next person.

There, Mr Parish, enough for you to diagnose Uncle's political condition?