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Sunday, September 22, 2002
PRE-SCHOOLERS PLAY IN THE SAND. The kids at Auntie's Pre-School for Preserving Undergraduate Leftism promised big things for this morning's program. Their email to the faithful promised news of impending catastrophe: The most dangerous sign so far has been the withdrawl [they wrote it] of funds from the United States. In the last three weeks something like $200 billion has been transferred not to the Middle East, but to Europe.

Must have missed it while I was cleaning my teeth.

The message from the other speakers at the seminar on security issues varied from the sane to the "let it happen until it's happened" kind of liberal response to the world's political psychopaths.

As far as Uncle could tell. The pre-schoolers haven't got to that bit of the playschool program where they teach you not to place your mike on the floor if the speakers are standing up. Want to know what its like? Spin up the old Victa in the living room while you're listening to your favourite chamber music. Better?

Uncle is not paranoid. Those who say that are defamatory Zionist-Bolshevik-fascist pigs. I just want you to consider this objectively.

Could the pre-schoolers be trying to stop us hearing the speaker who tells us that there are, "beyond reasonable doubt", al Quaeda-linked plotters in Indonesia? Or the one who described how loopy old Mahathir is quietly imposing islamism from above while jailing the islamists who want him and his cronies out of office?

Of course not. They had the obviously-pseudonymous Dr Feeley to straighten us out. The political shenanigans of the islamists are "fine" as long as they don't get violent.

You go right ahead, Adolph. Just remember to tell us when you're going to burn down the Reichstag and we'll debate a Bill to ban matches.

In any case, there can't be a real problem. Dr Feeley can only name six terrorists in Indonesia. What a relief!

Back to the $200 billion down-payment on the collapse of the capitalist system. We'll have to wait for the transcript to see the context. But bear this in mind.

The value of the world's imports in 1999 was $5729 billion.

Daily turnover on the foreign exchange markets exceeds $1.5 trillion

Don't panic just yet.

What is it with the "to Europe" and "not to the Middle East"?

I guess the message is that it is the Europeans not the Saudis who are pulling their money out in a vote of no-confidence in George W.

Does someone really think the European economy is a better bet than the US. Cretins!

Does someone really think that the Saudis would invest their money in the Middle East?

I'm going back to bed.