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Sunday, September 15, 2002
FAILED TO AVOID completely today’s Background briefing, despite the appeal of a sunny day and a thirsty garden.

Background briefing is one of Auntie’s ghetto programs, timed to coincide with Sunday School for the kids and fornication for the parents. It is run as a precious pre-school for preserving undergraduate attitudes. It could be described as leftist, but its occupants think they’re a cut above Auntie’s every-day Communards. A not unreasonable ambition.

They’re not over-achieving today.

If you need to be told the crash-repair industry provides a home for some unscrupulous tow-truck drivers, some incompetent metal-bashers and for insurance fraud, you should go to the on-line version, or listen to the re-broadcast. A better idea is to water the lawn.

If you need to be convinced the answer to all this naughtiness is more regulation, you're not a Communard. But there is hope.

Don’t bother to listen to Background briefing’s forthcoming expose of carpenters.

Just avoid the ones with squashed left thumbs.