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Friday, September 27, 2002

Ever had this experience? You pull into a pay-parking space for a dash to the bank, needing only 50 cents for the money-munching fascist machine to buy your time.

Bingo! Through the car radio comes a line of words that just ties you to the seat.

Today's case in point: extracts of Fay Weldon's autobiography, Auto-da-Fay. What a girl! What a writer! What a voice!

Shit I'm running out of coins.

Ends up costing me $1.50. That is 0.15 per minute. It's free-to-air alright. This end of the broadcast is cutting into the pension.

The remarkable power of good writing, good reading and broadcasting combined. Pastes a man to his car seat and it's all done without visible means.

Never believe the propaganda about our ABC costing just 8 cents a day.

AOD is not available from Auntie.