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Tuesday, September 24, 2002
AUNTIE BERSERK. ABC news and current affairs continued its attack on US policy tonight.

In a hard-hitting assault, the 7.30 report led with a vox pop of the British public, focussed on the acknowledged leader of the British people, George Galloway, one of Iraq's leading UK agents. (It is common practice in the UK for backbenchers to take commissions from organisations and interest groups, a fact you won't get from ABC news).

The Galloway view, at least five minutes of it, was buttressed by our intrepid UK correspondent leading his men and women in the street with such perspicacious questions as: Are you worried that...

Kerry O'Brien, the currrent Mike Moore of this truly committed and courageous programme, then sailed into an interview with a bemused US security expert. He totally ignored the Blair report's findings. Great tactic, Kerry!

Instead the talent was asked to respond to a series of questions in the form: "Isn't it possible that [insert possible negative outcome of action against Iraq]? To which any person of integrity could only answer "Yes", before attempting to provide some useful information.

At the end of it our Mike/Kerry was glowing with satisfaction at a job well done.

The news ingored. The issues distorted. Public opinion in the UK traduced.

You have to admire these fellows! They really know how to run a political campaign.

Pity we're paying for it.